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He was suspected of, but never charged with, having made other, similar scam calls.
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Abusers intimidating animals

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The maltreatment of animals, usually pets, may occur in homes where there is domestic violence yet we have limited information about the prevalence of such maltreatment.

We surveyed the largest shelter for women who are battered in forty-nine states and the District of Columbia.

Men who abuse the family pet have been reported to use more forms of domestic violence (sexual violence, marital rape, emotional violence, and stalking) and more controlling behaviors, and to be more dangerous, than non-pet-abusing batterers.

[2]In these battles of power and control, batterers take advantage of any opportunity to intimidate and coerce their victims, often using pets with whom the victim has a close emotional attachment.

He had done it before.” [1]Walsh’s testimony was part of a growing awareness of what is today called “ The Link®” between animal abuse and other forms of family violence.Many of these women are well-intentioned but in denial about a) the extent to which they are getting their own needs met through their collecting and b) their inability to care the large number of animals they have.The outcome is often deadly, as evidenced by the Los Angeles woman who had 600 animals in her home, many of them dead or dying from malnutrition.Whereas a human can lodge a police report following a violent altercation, animals cannot simply walk into a local shelter and report the behavior of their owners.Animal abuse goes unreported due in large part to confusion and fear on the behalf of those who witness the neglect or mistreatment of animals.As such, these organizations rely upon reports from the public.