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Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions

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This caused the following error to occur: After much searching on the error, I came across several forum posts that indicated I was pretty well up a creek. Hilary Cotter's response was the most beneficial for devising a recovery plan and Stephen Cassady's response helped me refine that plan.For small databases or publications where the snapshot to reinitialize the publication will be small and push quickly, it's simplest and best to just reinitialize the entire publication and generate/push a new snapshot.Now that the Log Reader Agent is capturing transactions for replication, the Distribution Agent will likely get upset because there are transactions missing.

If queued updating is used, the changes are stored in a queue; the queued transactions are then applied asynchronously at the Publisher whenever network connectivity is available.

This topic describes the deprecated Replication features that are still available in SQL Server 2012.

These features are scheduled to be removed in a future release of SQL Server.

Hi Can you confirm whether the following would work?

Ive done a lot of searching the net but cannot find the answer Publisher = SQL 2014 Enterprise (on its own windows server) Distributor = SQL 2014 Standard (on its own windows server) Subscriber = SQL 2014 Standard (on its own windows server) I have Always On enabled on the Publisher(primary) - currently we have the distributor database on the Publisher so that when we fail over to our secondary server - replication stops working due to the distribution database being on the primary(publisher).