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Updating a file random access in c

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To go from point A to point Z in a sequential-access system, you must pass through all intervening points.

Read More » Slideshow: History of Microsoft Operating Systems The Five Generations of Computers Learn about each of the five generations of computers and major technology developments that have led to the computing devices that we use...Both types of files have advantages and disadvantages.If you are always accessing information in the same order, a sequential-access file is faster.A memory-mapped file contains the contents of a file in virtual memory. You can specify access rights for opening an existing memory-mapped file by using the Open Existing methods that take an Memory Mapped File Rights as a parameter. Interop Services Class Program Public Shared Sub Main(By Val args As String()) ' Assumes another process has created the memory-mapped file. Size Of(Get Type(My Color)) Dim color As My Color ' Make changes to the view. This mapping between a file and memory space enables an application, including multiple processes, to modify the file by reading and writing directly to the memory. NET Framework 4, you can use managed code to access memory-mapped files in the same way that native Windows functions access memory-mapped files, as described in Managing Memory-Mapped Files in Win32 in the MSDN Library. In addition, you can include a Memory Mapped File Security object that contains predefined access rules. Interop Services Class Program Sub Main() Dim offset As Long = &H10000000 ' 256 megabytes Dim length As Long = &H20000000 ' 512 megabytes ' Create the memory-mapped file. Create From File("c:\Extremely Large", File Mode. Dim i As Long = 0 While i The Create New and Create Or Open methods create a memory-mapped file that is not mapped to an existing file on disk. Threading Module Module1 ' Process A: Sub Main() Using mmf As Memory Mapped File = Memory Mapped File. If we define as int, then we can access the data as ints.