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Usually not only single women apply to such sites, but dating services are popular with divorced women either. But being a Russian site by title, mostly girls from Russia are presented there.

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, and have not been able to find any that aren't trying to scam me (the one link from another thread I found tries to tell you you have a virus...).

Very easy to use in a freindly Windows environment with all features functional.

The only crippling being done, is on the "Save" being disabled as also the G-code post-processing.

I know 9.15 is coming out tomorrow, but usually a free cam mod doesn't require updating; I'll just save the file separately so I can just copy it back into the new patch.

Does anyone know of any that are currently working, or can tell me which file to modify and where since it's usually just a small addition? ~Sheller3 Edit: Thank you very much for all the replies!