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In order to provide Playfire gamers the absolute best platform to continue as a community we have migrated Playfire over to Green Man Gaming.

Over the course of the coming months we will be adding many of the original Playfire features to our new community platform and some fresh ideas we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

It is weird that it would carry the same total unless I hit the refresh button on my browser.

You would think that closing your browser would reset it automatically.

On July 9, 2012, Playfire was acquired by digital games retailer Green Man Gaming.

Today (5/30/2017), Playfire has now been merged with GMG Community with its website now redirecting to

Playfire was the first website to release a Play Station gamercard which attracted a large number of gamers to the service.

In September 2011 Playfire partnered with Game Spot to bring Playfire users profile to Game Spot through an API partnership.

Its at https:// Claw I have my Gamespot account connecting with the Playfire, But its not getting all the achievements.Playfire initially raised £1.3m in funding from investors including Niklas Zennström (the founder of Skype), Michael Birch (the founder of Bebo), Chris Deering (the former Chairman of SCE), William Reeve (the founder of LOVEFi LM) and others.updated it’s website yesterday with brand new trophycards.I got my platinum in dead space yesterday (along with a bunch of KZ2 and Sonic Genesis trophies) and it still hasnt updated.Anyone know how long it usually takes or having the same issue with theirs? I even closed my browser and shut down my computer yesterday.The only things that been updating have been the PC, My Playfire profile does show the recent 360 acchievements but for some reason the Profile over here does not. You don't seem to have a GS-created Playfire account, so I can't currently verify what you're saying.